An Ordinary Football Day in Istanbul

An Ordinary Football Game Day in Istanbul is a field recording of Kurbagalıdere Streamside in Istanbul. Is one of the selected pieces for “Soundmaps For the Dreamer” compilation album project of Sonospace. The map which is related to sound is a 1938 Pervititch Map.

1938 Pervititch Map

For Soundmaps For the Dreamer 2, participants from all around the world are linking compositions from audio recordings and maps by taking a different approach: “For a long time now we have had sound maps which use the framework digital maps provide to tag field recordings to their exact Geo-location. At Sonospace we are taking a different approach. We are looking backwards to the paper maps of long ago. We are linking sounds and compositions from non-related audio recordings to these maps. Re-imagining the world in an artistic and completely fictional way.”