“Cuenta Tus Sueños” Sound Installation

“Cuenta Tus Sueños” is a sound installation which is made for “In a Silent Way” collective exhibition of the students of Sound Art Master in Barcelona University in 2018.

For “Cuenta Tus Sueños”, some objects and a musical instrument were taken to the courtyard of the Centre Civic Convent Sant Agusti in Barcelona and the visitors were told on a written paper: “Tell your dreams by making sounds.” Instead of this, the event turned to be a sound workshop for children.  This work contains the sounds made by children who are the constant visitors of the Cortyard. Who are establishing the contempory history and the dynamic of the Convent: An open public place for every one and a playground for children. The sounds which were made by these objects which you see here are amplified through these objects themselves again by using contact speakers in the exhibition.