Live in One Drone Day Festival 2018

1 hour live music performance for One Drone Day (ODD) Festival 2018. The piece is one of the 12 selected works of ODD 2018. “One Drone Day is an immersive music festival which produces its 4th edition during an intensive 12h journey with no pauses. This sonic event is characterized by the absence of light/visual stimuli, mainly focusing on the auditive layer in an immersive mode.”

Audience enjoys several live sets in horizontal position or a comfortable position. The audience and listening are central and artists are performing live sets along the perimeter of the room. Live Music Drone during 12h in a unique space with quadraphonic sound system for a relaxed listening, introspective and psiconautics. Drone music is characterized by the absence of rhythmic patterns. Sonic fluxes of variable intensity which develops narrative changes into microscale (textures, timbers, particles, etc) expanded in very large time scores.

one drone day afis

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