Listen Through Tube

LTT is a sound sculpture/urban installaton inspirated by the builder approach to “noise”. In other words, based on an approach of evaluating the noise as an acceptible and additional element of the sound environment; not as an element which has to be reduced or subtracted. An element that belongs to the sound environment which surrounds us.

An element of everday life which gives several possibilities of playing with it, manipulating and transforming it. The idea is based on the Luigi Russolo’s approach to everyday noise of modern epoch and the soundscape researchers, practitioners, artists who see the ‘noise’ from the point of view of Russolo. The point of view that evaluating the noise as an appreciable element of the sound enviroments and searching the possibilities of using it as an evoker of feelings, thoughts. Such as what tells us Russolo:

“Evolution of music is comparable to the multiplication of machines, which everywhere colloborate with men. Not only in the noisy atmosphere of the great cities, even in the country, which until yesterday was normally silent. Today the machine has created such a variety and contention of noises that pure sound in its slightness and monothony no longer provokes emotion.” (Russolo 1967)

LTT is neither a product of a new idea nor an invention of an instrument. It is an idea spreader. A flexible idea of listening the sounds of traffic, wind, construction etc. in different notes and curious resonances.

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