PUK! Lab & Curation Project

What is PUK! about:

PUK! started as a podcast in December 2020. Now is also on instagram as sonic_puk as a kind of podcast art residency which takes audio+photo form. I curate diverse sonorities, words, storytellings of nomad artists in this program, starting from Turkish artists. The communication between this podcast and the guest artists may be in a form of interview, poetry, manifestation, art statements and so on. Puk is an edgeless and blur sonic space and all the colours, shapes, sounds which open new routes in our imaginations will be delicately, genuinely forming this space and will be the artists’ Puks.

PUK! is also a lab for production of any sound related projects.

I start inviting the artists from Turkey, based in any country first, because I’m from Turkey and this is my roots. Then, probably Puk will be a nomad and try to fly upon boundaries, meet with other nomad artists from all geographies.

The story of the name:

“Puk” is an onomatopoeia. Onomatopoeia stands for a word which phonetically imitates a sound. I made up this “Puk” world for imitating the sound of when throwing a stone into the water, for a short story that I wrote when I was in highschool. You throw the stone and when it meets with the water it makes “Puk!” For me this word is a pure and fulfilling description for that kind of sound which gives a very cotidian, even negligible pleasure.

I make an analogy between this pleasure and a creative process. Creating something large or small and feeling the pleasure of the output or the process itself. The output may have individual or communal effects either. Big and small effects… And I will call this “thing” as Puk!

Where it has being published: 

  • Casa degli Artisti: Is and art residency in Milan. They publish “Puk!” as part of their “Dance me to the art of work” project since December.
  • Radioarte.it: Web radio based in Siena, which is dedicated to contemporary music and sound art. They will publish the podcasts of “Dance me to the art of work” project every Tuesday.

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