Illustration for Grizine Magazine

Illustration made for Grizine E-Magazine's interview with Kırıka music band

This drawing carries attributes about the stories which told by “Kirika”, in their new album. It refers to folk dances from different cultures, such as “Rembetiko”, “Zeybek” (Aegean Folk Dance). And also combines them with “Psychedelic” like Kirika does in their music. There is also Dionysos above the sea as a reference of cultural importance of wine and raki.

Illustration for Grizine Magazine

The Tale Of A Cat Who Is Dancing With Candle Flames
Illustration made for “The Tale Of A Cat Who Is Dancing With Candle Flames” The poem of Özdemir Asaf

Self study: Album cover practises

Free work
Self study: Album cover practises

Designing a Music Park

music park
music park 2
“Music Park” Landscape Architecture-School Work: Design inspiration from Wassily Kandinsky’s “Circles in a Circle” work,

Glitch _ Images hacked bu Audacity sound filters

hacking ken
hacking me again
hacking a stanley kubrick photo
hacking me
hacking cocteau twins
Grizine 2