Ekin is sound artist, content creator and urbanist from İstanbul, recently based in Milano. She is using sound as a complemental storytelling and interaction tool for researching/experimenting creativity and fluidity in public places, city elements, dance movements, cognition of feelings, objects, everyday expressions and so on. She has completed various installations, performances; composed music and sound; worked as sound designer.

Installations, Performances, Releases

2020: Sound designer (winner of thecompetition) in spectacle “Fase Nove / Assolo Urbano”, with the collaboration of Rimini Protokoll, Zona K and Casa degli Artisti, Milano
2020: Sound designer in the short animation S.A.D for the musician Dardust, Milano
2019: Live music for “Yer Yer Hareketli Sunum” dance performance which took place in Salt Beyoğlu
2019: Live music for “Work in progress” dance performance, 2019
2019: Album release with the label Sonospace.
2019: Radio Chimney, sound investigation/installation, Barcelona
2019: Solo music performance in “Ritual de despedida para la Ballena del Prat” project
2019: Listen Through Tube, sound Installation/public art, Barcelona
2018: Experimental music performance in One Drone Day 2018.
2018: Collective exhibition as master students of Sound Art-UB, “In a Silent Way”
2018: Collective performance as master students of Sound Art-UB, “Cartridge Music” Concert
2018: Solo music performance in Fes-te Gotic Festival
2018: Selected sound work, Sound Photography Digital Project, Cities and Memory Global Collaborative Sound Project
2017: Selected sound work, collective fixed media concert, YTÜ Electronic Music Festival 2
2017: Selected sound work, Soundmaps for the Dreamer 2 Soundmap Project, Sonospace Digital Sound Art Gallery
2014: Participant, IPA Children Playground Design Student Project Competition
2012: “Reusing, Placemaking, Creating Events” public art performance, within City Dreams Workshop, UCTEA Architects Chamber İstanbul
2009: Third Award, Women Friendly Places Urban Design Student Competition

Content Creation/Editorial

Arkitera Architecture Center, December 2015 – December 2017, Reporter, Interviewer, Editor.
Flint PR İstanbul, September 2014 – December 2015, PR Content Creator
Ekologos Sustainability Management and Communications Services Ltd Corporation, September 2014-March 2015, Project Executive (Research “green” locations and informations for a map application)
Compmusic Project, October 2012-December 2013, Freelance Web Editor (Research for information and notations of Classical Turkish Music compositions and enter the information in Musicbrainz database)
Agora Publishings, November 2011-January 2012, Intern Editorial Assistant
Aton Production, 2011 – 2012, Freelance Translator
Grizine (E – Magazine), 2013, Illustrations
Birgün Newspaper, 2011, Article translation


Dissertation for Sound Art Master in Barcelona University, “Sound Art Movement for Creative Spaces”, 2018
Thesis for Landscape Architecture Master in Istanbul Technical University, “Creating Sonic Experiences as a Landscape Design Element for Increase the Value of Public Space”, 2019