2020: Fase Nove//Assolo Urbano (Audioguided Urban Walk), sound design, Milano
2020: Short animation S.A.D for the musician Dardust, sound design, Milano
2019:  A Presentation Occasionally With Movement, live sound performance, Istanbul
2019:  Work in progress, live sound performance, Istanbul
2019: Radio Chimney, sound investigation/installation, Barcelona
2019:  Ritual de despedida para la Ballena del Prat, live sound performance, Barcelona
2019: Listen Through Tube, sound Installation/public art, Barcelona
2018:  One Drone Day 2018, live sound performance, Barcelona
2018: Cuenta Tus Sueños, sound installation, Barcelona
2018:  Cartridge Music, live sound performance, Barcelona
2018:  Fes-te Gotic Festival live sound performance, Barcelona
2018: Selected sound work, Sound Photography Digital Project, Cities and Memory Global Collaborative Sound Project
2017: Selected sound work, collective fixed media concert, YTÜ Electronic Music Festival 2
2012: “Reusing, Placemaking, Creating Events” public art performance, within City Dreams Workshop, UCTEA Architects Chamber İstanbu